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Speech Services

At Little Speech Corner, I offer a variety of services specifically designed for your child. From early intervention to working with children with autism, apraxia, articulation, phonological processes, fluency, and receptive and expressive language delays, my goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for speech and language development. Before we start therapy, we hold an initial screening and any needed assessments. Visit my Services page to learn more.


Early speech and language screenings in your home provide the first step toward identifying potential concerns.


Through a comprehensive assessment, I craft a personalized therapy plan to meet your child's unique speech & language needs.

In-Home Therapy

Your home transforms into a Little Speech Corner for nurturing personalized, convenient, and evidence-based speech therapy.

👧 A Little Speech Story

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of Glendora, lived a lively four-year-old named Lily. Lily was full of energy, loved chasing butterflies, and had an infectious laugh that could brighten up even the cloudiest day. But there was just one thing that Lily found challenging... keep reading.

Meet Mrs. Gwen

The Heart Behind Little Speech Corner

As a licensed therapist with over two decades of dedicated experience, Mrs. Gwen founded Little Speech Corner to bring personalized speech therapy right to your doorstep. Discover her passion, expertise, and the unique approach she brings to every child's journey on our About page.

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