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Speech Milestones for Babies: What to Expect in the First Year

Curious about your baby's speech milestones in their first year? Uncover the key stages of language development and tips to support your little one's journey.

2024-01-15Gwen Swire

Balancing Screen Time and Speech Development: Practical Tips for Parents

Concerned about your child's screen time and its impact on speech development? Learn how to strike a healthy balance with practical, research-backed tips.

2023-12-15Gwen Swire

5 Everyday Activities to Enhance Your Toddler’s Speech Development

Seeking simple ways to boost your toddler's speech at home? Discover five daily activities that turn everyday moments into opportunities for language growth.

2023-11-15Gwen Swire

How to Find the Best Speech Therapy Services Near You

Is your child struggling with speech and language development? Are you exploring various options including in-home therapy, Regional Center services, and public school programs? Look no further!

2023-10-25Gwen Swire

The Advantages of In-Home Speech Therapy for Young Children

As a dedicated speech therapist, I've had the privilege of supporting countless children in both school settings and through my private in-home sessions via Little Speech Corner. Both environments are crucial for fostering speech and language growth in children, especially within the pivotal age group of 0 to 7 years.

2023-10-04Gwen Swire

The Power of the Lidcombe Program in Managing Childhood Stuttering

Stuttering can be a significant challenge for young children, impacting their confidence and willingness to communicate. As an experienced Speech Language Pathologist in the San Gabriel Valley region of Southern California, I often work with children who stutter and their families, implementing effective therapies like the Lidcombe Program to help manage and overcome this hurdle.

2023-09-13Gwen Swire

5 Key Signs of Speech Delays in Toddlers: A Parents' Guide

As a SoCal based Speech Language Pathologist, I often meet parents who have concerns about their toddler's speech development. Language acquisition varies among children, but there are general milestones that serve as helpful guidelines. If you're worried about potential speech delays in your toddler, here are five key signs to watch for.

2023-08-23Gwen Swire

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders

In the United States, approximately 1 in 54 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As a Speech Language Pathologist, my work often involves supporting children with ASD and their families. In this post, I'd like to share some insights on ASD and how speech therapy can help children with this condition.

2023-08-02Gwen Swire

How Early Intervention Can Transform Your Child's Communication Skills

As a Speech Language Pathologist in Southern California, parents often ask me, "Is my child too young for speech therapy?" My answer is, usually, "It's never too early to start!" In fact, early intervention can make a significant difference in a child's communication skills and overall development.

2023-07-12Gwen Swire

Importance of Parent Involvement in Speech Therapy: Tips for Parents

As a Speech Language Pathologist serving families in the San Gabriel Valley, I often emphasize that parents are not just observers in their child's speech therapy journey—they are integral parts of the team. Your role as a parent is critical in supporting your child's speech and language development.

2023-06-21Gwen Swire

Understanding Apraxia of Speech in Children

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder that affects a child's ability to produce speech sounds and syllables. As a speech language pathologist in Glendora, I work closely with children with apraxia and their families, guiding them through the process of improving their speech capabilities.

2023-05-31Gwen Swire

Navigating Receptive and Expressive Language Delays: A Local SLPs Advice

Receptive and expressive language delays can present significant challenges for both children and their families. As a Speech Language Pathologist with over twenty years of experience, I'm committed to guiding families through these delays, implementing effective strategies to improve communication.

2023-05-10Gwen Swire

Unlocking Communication: How AAC Can Help Your Child

Communication forms the bedrock of our interactions, learning, and overall quality of life. But for children with speech and language disorders, communication can be an uphill battle. That's where Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) comes into play. As an experienced Speech Language Pathologist, I'm here to help you understand AAC and how it can benefit your child.

2023-05-03Gwen Swire

Strategies to Improve Phonological Processes: Expert Insights

Phonological processes are natural patterns that young children use to simplify speech as they learn to talk. However, when these patterns persist beyond the expected age, they can lead to speech sound disorders. As a seasoned Speech Language Pathologist, I offer various strategies to help children overcome these delays.

2023-04-26Gwen Swire

The Importance of Early Intervention: How Speech and Language Pathologists Aid in Childhood Language Development

In the journey of childhood development, communication skills play a vital role. From a baby's first babble to a toddler's first words, speech and language development lays the foundation for future academic success and social interactions.

2023-04-19Gwen Swire

Fluency Disorders in Young Children: A Guide for Parents

Fluency disorders, which include stuttering and cluttering, can be a challenging hurdle for both children and their families. As a long-time Speech Language Pathologist, I'm here to provide a comprehensive guide to help you understand and navigate fluency disorders

2023-04-12Gwen Swire

Early Intervention in Speech Therapy: The Key to Better Outcomes

Early intervention in speech therapy can make a significant difference in a child's life. As a Speech Language Pathologist in Glendora, I have seen first-hand how early intervention can improve a child's speech and language skills, confidence, and overall development.

2023-04-05Gwen Swire

Language Delays in Children

Language delays in children can be a cause for concern for many parents. As a Speech Language Pathologist, I've spent over two decades assisting children who experience language delays, supporting them and their families through the process of language development.

2023-03-22Gwen Swire

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