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Explore a potential partnership for your child's speech journey with Mrs. Gwen, dedicated to serving families in the San Gabriel Valley area in Southern California. Discuss your child's needs, ask questions, and determine if we're the perfect match.

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Serving the Heart of San Gabriel Valley

At Little Speech Corner, Mrs. Gwen's specialized in-home speech therapy services are tailored to the unique needs of each child. Her commitment to making therapy as accessible as possible means serving families right where they are. Mrs Gwen's primary areas of service include:

  • Glendora
  • San Dimas
  • Azusa
  • Covina
  • La Verne
  • Duarte
  • Bradbury

Even if you reside outside these cities, do reach out. Mrs. Gwen sometimes makes exceptions based on specific needs and circumstances.

What Happens After You Book?

  1. Initial Consultation: Mrs. Gwen will personally connect with you during this call, discussing your concerns and understanding your child's needs.
  2. Review of Prior Evaluations: If you've had recent speech evaluations, Mrs. Gwen will review them to understand your child's journey so far.
  3. Recommendations: Post-consultation, recommendations will be made. If necessary, initial screenings or assessments may be scheduled before therapy begins.
  4. Setting the Course: Once Mrs. Gwen understands your child's needs, she'll suggest a therapy plan, laying out the frequency, duration, and nature of sessions.

Remember, every child's journey is unique. The goal of the call isn't just to book sessions, but to ensure that Mrs. Gwen's approach aligns well with your child's requirements and your family's aspirations.

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